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Who is Boomdash Digital?

Global Publisher
With a wide distribution network of mobile platforms and carrier channels reaching millions of players, our key focus is to help our partners turn their games into global success stories.

Branded Development Partner
We bring together premium IP holders and funding providers to develop innovative gaming solutions utilising new technologies and social integrations. From virtual reality (VR) experiences to e-sports we can help bring your game to market.

Production Powerhouse
Our seasoned production team works closely with our developers on all aspects of the game development cycle to optimise features, monetisation and running live operations.

Data-Driven Innovator
As a team of games industry veterans, Boomdash Digital know how to balance finding innovative ways to engage players with a laser-sharp data focus to maximise ROI for any budget.

Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare

Prepare to by fully immersed within the 3D world of Evil Dead! Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare is an action-packed endless runner available on Oculus GO and Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus. With 360 degree sound and vision, you get to explore inside the infamous cabin and the depths of the surrounding forest!

How can Boomdash Digital help?

Our talented production team comes with decades of experience and knows the mechanics behind making a successful mobile game and delivering it to the market.

Our QA team can do quality assurance on your game to ensure it’s bug-free, functional and compatible across a vast range of mobile and tablet devices.

Crowded marketplaces make discovery hard within the stores. We have access to communities of engaged players that we can tap into to drive installs.

KPI Optimisation
Boomdash Digital work diligently to optimise key metrics from retention and monetisation to user acquisition to deliver commercially viable, highly engaging mobile games.

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